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Specials and Featured Items

Check here each week for new special prices and deals! Additional offers and/or coupon codes are periodically posted to our blog (we suggest you subscribe to blog updates to stay current on the best deals). Brickmania Elite members also receive an extra 10% discount on all of the weekly specials!


$5 BrickArms MAAWS this week. Also available in Gunmetal and even as a T-shirt!


M10 Wolverine with exclusive Tank Destroyer minifigs


BrickArms M1 Steel Pot with hand-applied fabric netting are back in stock! 


Australian Light Horse Infantry - Ltd Edition Minifig


For a limited time you can purchase up to three extra Ranger minifigs with your M35A2 Task Force Ranger truck.


Our featured BrickArms of the week are those under $1. Take an extra 10% off through Monday, July 21st! (Discounts are applied in shopping cart)


Minifigure Customization Decal Starter Kit


New WW2 Jeep and Howitzer Bundle. WW2 Jeep, WW2 US Rifleman minifig and M1A1 Howitzer also sold separately.


New TAC TEAM - Law Enforcement Specialists kit available for a limited time!


Individual Spetsnaz dual-sided custom-printed minifigures available in both tan and gray. Released just in time for the new BrickArms AK variants!


3.7cm Flak 37 Anti-Aircraft Gun - Limited-edition event kit from World War Brick 2014. Get 'em while you can!


Two new custom pad-printed figures from Brickmania: US Rifleman and Luftwaffe Crewman


New AK variants ready for AKtion: AK-SV, AK-12, AKS74U, AKM, AK-GL and AK-Apoc. BrickArms proves once again that they are not only the first minifig compatable weapons company, but are still the very best at what they do. Don't support the low-quality imported immitations, buy your BrickArms only from a reputable dealer!


We have a limited number of the new over-molded "Reloaded" weapons BrickArms released at World War Brick. We do not know when or if we will ever get a restock on any of these items, so get 'em while you can! 


P-51D Mustang "Blude Nose" limited to just 100 kits!


M2A1 Half Track with M1 57mm Anti-Tank Gun with limited-time T-shirt offer


 New edition Night Stalker Minigun with Trans Smoke Crate


Messerschmitt Bf 109 "Kurfürst" Kit + T-Shirt Offer: add a T-shirt to your kit order for $10! 


BrickArms Bug Out Crate - a Brickmania Exclusive