About Brickmania

Brickmania® creates historically accurate military building kits, custom printed minifigures, and related accessories using genuine LEGO® building bricks and other premium-quality, after-market parts. Brickmania has grown a massive international following for our innovative designs, attention to detail, and top tier customer service.

 Founded in 1999, Brickmania has released hundreds of historical military products from all over the world, including the iconic Easy Eight Sherman tank, German Tiger tank, and many more. Now recognized as the world’s leader in custom LEGO® creations, Brickmania has expanded their arsenal to include officially licensed modern combat kits such as the F-22® Raptor® and MH-60L Black Hawk®, bringing together the past and future of military vehicles and aircraft under one brand.

In addition to our own product line, Brickmania makes massive museum-quality displays that have been featured around the world, such as the famous 26-foot U.S.S. Missouri Battleship and U.S.S. O’Hare Destroyer both constructed entirely from LEGO®. Brickmania also creates customized promotional materials and merchandise for discerning corporate, non-profit, and private customers.

Why are Brickmania products so expensive?

The core reason is that all of our LEGO elements must be purchased through a third-party seller as LEGO does not support the creation of military builds in anyway. Therefore, we must compete on the open market with other buyers to obtain new-condition parts in the quantities needed to produce our products. Beyond the high costs of acquisition, comes the time and effort needed to develop a custom-building kit to the standards of Brickmania. Our philosophy is to make the best kits possible, which requires a very unique skill set and no shortage of talent. We are proud to employ innovative and hard-working individuals dedicated to our vision; and are also proud to offer livable compensation for these invested employees whom consider Brickmania not only a job, but a unique and captivating career. In short, we take care of our people!