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Specials and Featured Items

Check here each week for new special prices and deals! Additional offers and/or coupon codes are periodically posted to our blog (we suggest you subscribe to blog updates to stay current on the best deals). Brickmania Elite members also receive an extra 10% discount on all of the weekly specials!


We have put together 2 new Civil War minifigures. They are fully loaded with all the gear they need for battle!



For when (NOT IF!) the apocalypse comes, your survivalist minifigure will have everything needed to build another day. 



For a limited time, when you buy an AH-6 Little Bird Gunship you'll receive upgraded BrickArms miniguns absolutely free!



SdKfz 250 Half Track with 5cm Pak 38 Anti-Tank Gun



We put together a few Build-Your-Own Mercenary kits for the release of our new Urban Camouflage mercenary Decals!! BrickArms Tactical Shotgun and TD-9 and minifigure flesh elements not included.



A new horde of Nazi Zombies is here! Hunt yours down before they are gone!!



M4(105) Sherman Assault Tank with Brickstuff Light Effects - Limited to only 30 kits!



M4 Sherman - new and improved design at the same price!



75mm Mle 1897 ("French 75") Available now - only 50 made!



Spandau MG 08 with two WW1 German Army minifigs available for a limited time!



Because there is no such thing as too much camouflage now you can buy the Universal Digital Camouflage card so you can camouflage everything!! Minifigure and motocross bike not included.



Everyone loves BrickArms and we've created some pretty awesome mash-ups using parts of the various weapons. We're sharing one of our favorites we like to call the "20mm Hand Cannon". 



We have produced a limited number of these one-color light-weight cotton T-shirts and as requested by you we have made now available as an idiv individual m in our store! 



With the release of our new tan HMMWV, we've put together a special BrickArms/Decal bundle to enhance the desert action!



New tan version of our M1025 HMMWV "Humvee" Armament Carrier with up to 5 riflemen



World War I British Cavalry Minifigure - Limited edition!



Check out the kits made exclusively for Brick Fair VA. We have some left overs so we have made them available for everyone!! There is a very limited quantity so dont wait! 



Three new minifigures by BrickArms. Quantities are very limited!