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In an effort to cut down on the amount of time spent each day answering questions about our kits, we have put together a page with the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Still need an answer? Use the Contact Form and to send your question.


Q: What methods of payment do you accept?

The web site is currently set up to accept electronic payments via Paypal or the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. 

Q: Is there a minimum order?

We did away with our minimum order policy and replaced it with a minimum postage and handling fee of $3.95. 

Q: Do you ship to my location?

Our default shipping method is via the Post Office and we will ship anywhere the world where mail is delivered. We also offer UPS shipping option for those who need their packages delivered within a specific time frame. This is the fastest delivery method for international customers, but you will be charged a significant amount for faster processing through customs, which due at the time the package is delivered.

Q: How soon will my order be delivered?

Unless otherwise stated, all items are in stock and generally ship within 1-3 business days (orders received after 1 pm CST will generally ship the next business day). Time in transit depends on where you live and which shipping method you select.

Standard Shipping: In the USA, our default shipping carrier is US Mail and will take 2-5 business days to most destinations. International orders are shipped via Airmail and may take as long as 1-3 weeks in transit (possibly even longer depending on your country's customs policies). Tracking for most international packages is not available once the package leaves the USA.

UPS: We also offer UPS shipping to any street address (UPS will not deliver to PO Boxes) with time in transit depending on the rate. We are located in Minnesota and delivery of UPS Ground packages will take no longer than 5 business days to any location in the USA (quicker to nearby states) and 4-8 business days in Canada. Keep in mind that UPS does not deliver on weekends and weekend days do not count as days in transit: A package sent Next Day Air in the USA on Friday will be delivered on the following Monday. For more a more definitive time in transit please see UPS.com

International Shipments: Customer is responsible for all customs, taxes, bonds and fees levied by their respective governments. The local post office and/or shipping company may charge additional fees for processing. Canadian customers shipping via UPS can find information about processing and bond fees HERE.

Q: Can you track my package?

We send tracking numbers via email to every customer as soon as a package ships. It may take up to 24 hours for these numbers to be initially updated within each respective carriers tracking system.

To track standard shipment in the USA and international orders, go here: USPS.com To track UPS shipments, go to UPS.com

Q: Do you send BrickArms freebies?

We are given a certain amount of unusual BrickArms weapons (i.e. styles and colors not normally for sale) to give out as "freebies" with BrickArms orders. These are given out at our discretion, but we generally (but not always) follow this schedule for giving out freebies:

  • $10 - $24.99 = 1
  • $25 - $49.99 = 2
  • $50 - $74.99 = 3
  • $75 and up = 4

Q: Can I pick up my order in person?

Yes. We are located in Minneapolis, MN. Please call ahead to sechedule a pick up.

Q: What should I do if I'm building my kit and it is missing one or more pieces?

While we strive to make every Brickmania kit 100% complete when it leaves our workshop, we are human and mistakes sometimes happen. If you should find yourself missing a pieces from your kit, feel free to contact us through our Contact page and we'll do our best to send replacements right away. Please include your order number so that we can retrieve any information needed to send you the pieces you are missing. It will also help if you can tell us which pieces are missing by referencing instructions page, step number (and color if applicable) and location in the parts reference list. Also be sure to tell us who you are so we know where to send the missing pieces!

Q: What is your return policy?

Brickmania Kits are strictly limited edition collectors' items and may only be returned if the packaging has not be opened. Kits returned in damaged or open condition may be assessed a 20% restocking fee. No returns after 60 days from date of purchase. All shipping fees are the responsibility of the customer. If you are unsure whether or not a Brickmania kit is right for you, then we suggest starting with one of the cheaper models. 

T-Shirts can be exchanged for different sizes of like designs only. Shirts must be in unworn / unwashed condition to be exchanged. You pay the postage to ship your shirt back, we'll pay to send the replacement out of our pocket.

Sales of all other items are final.


Q: What if one of the pieces of my kit is broken or defective?

Send us a message through our Contact page for a prompt replacement. If an the exact part is unavailable, we may will do our best to send a similar part of equal or better value.

Q: Are your kits made from Lego or other brands?

Brickmania only uses genuine LEGO when possible, and quality aftermarket parts when a particular element does not exist in the LEGO system. 99.9% of the parts we use are in uncirculated condition, taken from sealed LEGO kits. Very occasionally we will include a used part in a kit, but only as a last resort. If we do use aftermarket parts, we will only use our own American produced Track Links or weaponry/accessories by BrickArms. We do not support imported knock offs. BrickArms is the original designer and producer custom aftermarket LEGO weaponry. They are a privately owned and operated company bases in the United States. All BrickArms products are designed and manufactured in the US using the highest quality ABS plastic. Here at Brickmania, we stand behind BrickArms and their products. We feel that their design and quality match the LEGO system better than any other aftermarket products. Additionally, we greatly respect the fact that BrickArms does not outsource design and production of their products to foreign countries. This unfortunatly is not the case with most aftermarket competitors. Please support ethical business!

Q: Why do your kits cost so much?

The price of my kits is chiefly determined by the cost of the parts needed to build them, development cost, and the cost of labor to assembled them. We0 do not have a special arrangement with LEGO and must buy our bricks on the open market (i.e. retail stores and online parts shops) and pay the fair market value.  Our philosophy is to make the best kits possible and we will not shy away from using rare or expensive parts to achieve this goal. Some of my kits us an abundance of such rare and out of production bricks (especially those made with pre-2004 "old dark gray" bricks) and these will cost more than kits with similar piece counts, made with more common bricks. Sometimes the price of parts will vary by batch, and prices may be occasionally adjusted to reflect current availability. Brickmania kits are "value added" and will cost more than your standard issue kits LEGO kits from Walmart, Target, TRU, etc.

Q: Where do you get your weapons and helmets? 

All of the non-LEGO minifig accessories used in Brickmania kits are from BrickArms.

Q: How do you get your BrickArms prototypes and will you sell me some to me?

Brickmania is an official BrickArms reseller and have access to rare and prototype parts before the go into mass production. Sometimes these parts will end up in Brickmania kits before they are released to the general public. We DO NOT sell or otherwise distribute any BrickArms prototypes other than those included in our kits. 

Q: Will you sell me _______ part?

Brickmania does not run a parts store. We recommend buying parts from Bricklink and the Pick-A-Brick store on the official Lego web site. 

Q: Will you make me a kit of _______?

While we are happy to listen to your suggestions for future kits, we are not in the business of make custom "one off" models. There are many professional LEGO builders out there that may be able to help you with your project. 

Q: Will you be bringing back _______ kit again?

Most of our kits are done in limited runs, however, if a kit is popular enough we will sometimes re-release it or make a new version of it. 

Q: Can you send me free instructions for _______ model?

No, creating custom models and their instructions is an involved project that requires many long involved hours, which is why instructions cannot be given out for free. 



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