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Brickmania contest information and links


  1. We don't adhere to strict LEGO Moc rules, however it must be a new Moc that you have created and not pictures of an older one. You may use vehicles that were built prior but the entirety of the Moc must have been built in the month of the contest. The background, terrain and buildings must all be new. The Only exception to this is if you are using Brickmania's Normandy Bunker
  2. We will be validating photo submissions to make sure they are new and original.
  3. You must have a valid email address so we can contact you.
  4. This must be a physically built Moc and not a computer generated render.
  5. You must post your MOC photo online and fill out the form linked on this page, email submissions will not be accepted.
  6. Your photo must be open to the public and set to be downloaded (this is the number 1 reason submissions are rejected because we can't judge what we can't see). If you use Google Drive it must be open to public, if you use Flickr you must enable downloading.
  7. Using Brickmania products is encouraged but not required.
  8. You can submit more than one Moc provided they are completely different.
  9. We only select one photo per submission, we highly suggest only submitting one photo otherwise we will pick what we feel is the best photo.
  10. We do not accept video AT ALL!
  11. All Brickmania employees whether full time or part time may not participate in this contest.
  12. Participants can only win once every 6 months.
  13. Winners who have been contacted will have 24 hours to respond or we move onto the next finalist.
  14. Winners will be requested to submit additional photos.
  15. Winners are announced on Brickmania TV in our New Release Videos.


Scroll down to view our current contest and previous winners!

What is Brickmania's process for selecting a winner?

  • After going through the validation process your photo will be added with the rest of the valid submissions.
  • When the contest submission has ended a select group of Brickmania staff will view the photos with various criteria (just because you have a super busy Moc doesn't mean it will be the winner.) 
  • After the staff have made their picks the winner is then selected by the designers.
  • Be creative, have fun!
  • Once finalists are selected the Brickmania Designers will select the winner.
  • You can only win once every 6 months, this way everyone gets a chance to win!

Winners will have 24 hours to respond to confirmation email with name and address. If you haven't responded within 24 hours we will move on to the next finalist. (We have a short window between selecting a winner and recording the SitRep to announce the winner.)

Here is an example of a photo submission:

 SitRep WWI Moc Contest Example


September 2019 Brickmania TV Moc Contest:

Keep watching the Brickmania TV to find out the next theme! To submit your Modern Aircraft Moc click here. For this contest we are looking for aircraft from Desert Storm to currently in use!


August 2019 Brickmania TV Moc Contest:

Keep watching the Brickmania TV to find out the winner of the M109A7 Paladine from our Pacific Theater Moc contest! (contest ended August 31st, keep watching to find out the next Moc theme)

Congrats to Grazioli!

Grazioli our Pacific Theater Moc contest winner!


July 2019 Brickmania TV Moc Contest:

Keep watching the Brickmania TV to win the F4U Corsair for making a Space Race Moc! (contest has ended, keep watching to find out the next Moc theme)

Congrats to Lars K our Space Race Moc contest winner!

Lars K - Brickmania Space Race Moc Contest Winner


June 2019 Brickmania TV D-Day Moc Contest:

Thanks for watching the Brickmania TV to win the Freedom 7 Capsule + Sikorsky H-34 make a D-Day Moc. (contest has ended)

Congrats to Max H our D-Day Moc contest winner! 

Max H - D-Day Moc


May 2019 Brickmania TV Great War Moc Contest:

Make your own creation in theme of the Great War using LEGO bricks and Brickmania products. (contest has ended)

Congrats Caden our Great War Moc contest winner!

Caden our Great War Moc contest winner