In Store Events

Brickmania Retail Monthly Events

 All our events are free for all ages!

Tabletop Tuesday 1st Tuesday of the Month 4pm to 8pm
Brickmaniac’s Club 2nd Sunday of the Month 1pm to 4pm
Micro Brick Battle 3rd Thursday of the Month 5pm to 8pm
Warhammer Wednesday 4th Wednesday of the Month 4pm to 8pm
MOC Monday Last Monday of the Month 5pm to 7pm

 Note that even though the above days and times are standard, we welcome fans and gamers to come into the store and play their favorite games any day of the week and we are willing to host at any time we are open for business! Don't have time during the week? Come in on the weekend! 



( 1st Tuesday of the Month from 4pm to 8pm )

Come and play our board games (or bring your own!) at our Tabletop Tuesday event. Whether you want to play Micro Brick Battle, your favorite wargame or one of our Asmodee games in store, and we welcome fans and players to bring their own favorite board games for this all-day monthly event. ( Welcome all day! Bring your minifig!)



( 2nd Sunday of the Month from 1pm to 4pm )

The Brickmaniac’s Club is a chance for builders of all ages to revel in the excitement of custom creations! Join fellow builders at your local Brickmania Store the second Sunday of each month from 1-4 PM to swap tricks and tips, discuss new techniques, interesting stories, ongoing builds, and upcoming Brickmania releases!



( 3rd Thursday of the Month from 5pm to 8pm )

Micro Brick Battle Game Night is a chance for tabletop gamers of all ages to learn how to play our Micro Brick Battle Armored Combat System! Join fellow enthusiasts at our Brickmania Stores the third Thursday of each month from 5-8 PM to test out our newest scenarios and challenge your friends to the ultimate tabletop tank battle!



( 4th Wednesday of the Month from 4pm to 8pm )

Bring your armies, show off your favorite painted units and play games of Warhammer with us every fourth Wednesday of the month.



( Last Monday of the Month from 5pm to 7pm )

Brickmania’s MOC Mondays are a chance for brick-building enthusiasts to gather together and showcase their recent creations with other passionate builders! Join together at your local Brickmania retail store on the final Monday of each month from 5-7 PM to showcase your MOC, vote on other’s creations, and find out who’s creations will be displayed in the Brickmania Winner’s Window!

Rules and deadlines for MOC Mondays:

  • 5:00 entries accepted
  • 6:30 entry deadline
  • 6:30-6:45 builder’s brag
  • 6:45 voting deadline
  • 7:00 Winner announcement

MOC Entry Rules:

  • Must be smaller or equal to 13x13" (width and length) x12" (tall)
  • Can be a vehicle or building
  • Must be an actual MOC (not just a standard BKM kit)
  • Military or war themed (WWI to modern)
  • No licensed material (Star Wars + Marvel etc)
  • No sci-fi or fantasy
  • Third party elements such as Brickmania, BrickArms and BrickWarrior accepted
  • Limit one MOC per person (for the Winner’s Window)
  • No Nazi or offensive symbolism
  • No excessive gore