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What is Brickmania?

Brickmania® makes our own line of premium quality, historically accurate military building kits, custom printed minifigures, and accessories using genuine LEGO® building bricks and other premium-quality, after-market elements. Brickmania has grown a massive international following for our innovative designs, attention to detail, and top tier customer service.

Founded in 1999, Brickmania has released hundreds of historical military products from all over the world, including the iconic Easy Eight Sherman tank, German Tiger tank, U.S.S. Johnston Destroyer and many more. Now recognized as the world’s leader in custom LEGO® creations, Brickmania has expanded their arsenal to include officially licensed modern combat kits such as the F-22® Raptor® and MH-60L Black Hawk®, bringing together the past and future of military vehicles and aircraft under one brand.

In addition to our own product line, Brickmania makes massive museum-quality displays that have been featured around the world, such as the famous 26-foot U.S.S. Missouri Battleship and U.S.S. O’Hare Destroyer both constructed entirely from LEGO®. Brickmania also creates customized promotional materials and merchandise for discerning corporate, non-profit, and private customers.

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How are your products made?

Brickmania’s entire production facility is under one roof. We design, produce, package, and ship all of our products from our headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our products are all handmade, and all LEGO elements are genuine new condition. Our artwork, instructions, and designs are all 100% original, making each product a highly collectable work of art.

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Why are your prices so high?

The core reason is that all of our LEGO elements must be purchased through a third-party seller as LEGO does not support the creation of military builds in anyway. Therefore, we must compete on the open market with other buyers to obtain new-condition parts in the quantities needed to produce our products. Beyond the high costs of acquisition, comes the time and effort needed to develop a custom-building kit to the standards of Brickmania. Our philosophy is to make the best kits possible, which requires a very unique skill set and no shortage of talent. We are proud to employ innovative and hard-working individuals dedicated to our vision; and are also proud to offer livable compensation for these invested employees whom consider Brickmania not only a job, but a unique and captivating career. In short, we take care of our people!

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What methods of payment do you accept?

Our online store is currently set up to accept electronic payments via Paypal or the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. For first time buyers, we recommend you used a Paypal verified account. This helps the processing and verification process prior to shipping go much faster. Our retail spaces accept the same credit cards as well as Apple pay and cash.

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What if I have an issue with my order?

Our amazing customer service representatives will be happy to aid in any and all issue related to your order. Contact them at (612) 545-5263 or store@brickmania.com for further assistance.

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Can I use a coupon or sale on a previous purchase?

We are unable to offer a current promotion on orders which have already been shipped from Brickmania. Orders currently placed but not yet shipped are eligible for a current promotion so long as the product(s) contained are still offered for sale on our website. This value will only be issued in the form of Brickmania Store credit which can be used on any future order(s) on the same customer account. Any order containing an item that was, or is, on presale at any point during the length of the sale is not eligible for a promotional discount.

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Can a limited use coupon be used in retail stores?

Yes! Anytime a limited use coupon is offered online, customers can use it in our retail stores during store hours for that day only. Limit one use per customer.

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Can I use a store-wide sale in the retail stores?

In general, yes! Store-wide sales definitely can be applied to Brickmania and BrickArms products, although some of our other wholesale products are not eligible, click on this link for the full list of categories and products that are eligible for store-wide discounts.

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Do you sell products in other countries?

Yes! We understand international shipping and customs can be a pain. We are happy to offer official resellers in Europe, Russia, Japan, and Singapore. Check our resellers page for further information.

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Why don’t you sell your retail store’s inventory online?

Brickmania retail stores are destination locations for passionate military enthusiasts and builders. Beyond our line of products, each Brickmania retail store features incredible museum quality displays, as well as weekly events and gatherings. Part of the appeal to a Brickmania retail location is the chance to pick up kits that initially sold out fast online or have been out of regular production for some time. Our current retail locations include Chantilly, VA near Washington D.C., Schaumburg, IL near Chicago, and Minneapolis, MN.

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How do I know if a kit will be restocked?

Due to the limited availability of our products we strive to be as clear as possible upon release at which products are set for eventual restocks, and which are available as one-offs. The best ways to know which kits will return and which will not is through our newsletter and our blog. Each takes the guess work out of knowing whether or not the product you missed out on will return to the online store. Of course, since all of our products are only produced on a limited basis the best way to never miss out is to not wait!

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Can I just buy the instructions for a kit?

We are proud to be making our way through our catalog with the intention of releasing Digital Instructions (eBooks) of our now retired products for download. We also offer sticker packs and some of our exclusive 3D printed materials that are used to create some of the most iconic building kits that we have produced.

Please note when purchasing Digital Instructions: Orders must be marked complete before digital downloads can be accessed. To receive your eBook immediately, order it separately from physical products.

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Why is it wrong to purchase Brickmania instructions from another source?

The magic of Brickmania is in our original designs and high-quality instructions. People who copy and resell our designs for profit are stealing intellectual property and directly affecting the welfare of Brickmania and its employees. Please show your support for our hard work and dedication by purchasing all instructions and kits directly from Brickmania or through a verified Brickmania reseller.

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Are your kits real LEGO?

The core of all Brickmania kits is genuine LEGO pieces. We use quality aftermarket parts when a particular element does not exist in the LEGO building system library. Aftermarket parts include Brickmania® custom created elements like track links, muzzle brakes, and minifig accessories, as well as BrickArms® weaponry and Minifig.Cat and BrickWarriors accessories.

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Can you make me a specific kit?

While we are always happy to hear suggestions, we are unable to make custom one-off models. We strive to provide a wide variety of models that represent militaries from around the world, but our limited production capacity means are still bound by the builds that keep our products in high demand.

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Can you make minifigure of a historical icon?

While we may produce figures that loosely represent various historical icons, we do not produce “named” minifigures out of respect for the families and estates of these individuals.

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What is World War Brick?

World War Brick is a gathering of hobbyists and fans dedicated to modeling historical and military-related scenes, vehicles, and weaponry using LEGO® brand bricks. At WWB we provide ample space for activities, displays, collaborations, charity auctions and of course products for sale. World War Brick is about honoring the historical significance of our modeling subjects, as well as the actual sacrifices, hardships, triumphs, and defeats as experienced by those who were there, and their loved ones. For further information see worldwarbrick.com.

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What are Brickmania display model auctions?

Display model auctions are held through the Brickmania Toys eBay page. They feature genuine Brickmania display models that have been previously showcased in our retail stores and protected in glass cases. Often when a model reaches its display auction phase the kit has been out of production for quite some time, making it perhaps the last chance ever at purchasing the model. Additionally, Brickmania display models are usually built before the kit is initially for sale, making it one of the first few to ever be completed. All auction items are listed for just a few dollars and are shipped promptly upon payment.

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Can you combine my orders?

There is no guarantee that orders will be combined. We do our best to accommodate to the requests of customers but are sometimes unable to do so due to time constraints. We cannot combine international orders with prepaid taxes.

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Do you have a military discount?

We are happy to offer military exclusive discounts at various times throughout the year such as Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Only valid in retail store location.

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Can the designer sign my kit?

Customer can leave a note in their next Brickmania order, we will do our very best to get the item(s) autographed by the designers, if time allows!

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Will my order be shipped out once the preorder item is ready?

Once the last item in the order is ready to be shipped, we will get the package sent out with the chosen carrier within 1-3 business days.

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Maximum One Account Per Customer

To prevent instances of fraud, orders placed under multiple Brickmania.com accounts to the same address may be delayed for verification, and are subject to cancellation. Please ensure one customer account is consistently used at checkout to ensure the most prompt fulfillment process. Note that accounts created or used to circumvent product order limits are strictly prohibited and are subject to cancellation and account deactivation. We reserve the right to deny future orders indefinitely from persons whom have repeatedly attempted to circumvent this policy. If you need to change the email address associated with your account please login and go to account, then account settings then change the email address in that field and save.

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Beware of Scams

We recommend only purchasing Brickmania products from our webstore [link], retail stores [link] or our authorized resellers [link]. eBay and other online reseller sites should not be considered authentic or verified for legitimacy and we encourage our fans to be cautious about potential scams, bootleg sellers and other illegitimate seller practices. If we ever post items for auction on eBay we will exclusively utilize our official account here [link]. Buyer beware, and please report all illegitimate sellers to eBay directly and send screenshots, links and other useful information to our customer service team so that we can help report these bad actors.

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Dropshipping Is Not Allowed

We do not allow purchasers to setup accounts on behalf of other persons or households. You may not create orders with another person's shipping or personal information. All orders are subject to confirmation that the purchaser is the intended recipient. Any accounts which have not been verified are subject to immediate cancellation. If you believe that you have been a victim of this type of abuse, please send screenshots, links and other useful information to our customer service team.

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How do the BrickArms freebies work?

While supplies last, for every $10 of BrickArms that you purchase we toss in a random (and sometimes prototype color) BrickArm into your order. Please note that Customer Service does not take requests for freebies nor can guarantee availability, particular colors or types of freebies. Freebies are distributed on a first-come-first-served basis and are not subject to return or exchange.

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Where can I make a suggestion or give you feedback?

We love hearing from our fans, both suggestions and feedback are super helpful to us! We have an Official Suggestion Box here.

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