Vietnam Bricks: Models from the War in SE Asia using LEGO® Bricks

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The Vietnam War, also known as the Second Indochina War, was a war that took place in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia from November 1955 to the fall of Saigon in April of 1975. It was officially fought between North Vietnam and the government of South Vietnam. The North Vietnamese army was backed by the Soviet Union, China, and other communist allies, and the South Vietnamese Army was backed by the United States, South Korea, Australia, Thailand, and other anti-communist allies. 

A great amount of opposition to the United States involvement in the war grew over the years. This ultimately lead to American forces pulling out of the war between 1973-1975. The North Vietnamese began a string of offensive attacks. During April 1975, Saigon fell and was taken by the North Vietnamese army. The Vietnam war is often referenced as more of a proxy-war, due to each side of Vietnam receiving support from opposing countries.

Vietnam Bricks Instructions

Instructions included in this volume are:

  • MUTT M825 Weapon Carrier
  • M35A2 Gun Truck
  • M35A2 Truck + Canvas Cover
  • M332 Ammo Trailer
  • M102 Howitzer
  • M1A1 155mm Howitzer
  • G527 Water Trailer
  • M113 – ACAV
  • M41 Walker Bulldog
  • M42 Duster
  • M551 Sheridan
  • UH-1D Iroquois
  • AH-1G Cobra Gunship
  • PBR 31 MkII – Patrol Boat, River


  • Hooch
  • Palm Tree Mk 1

Bonus Extras:

  • Printed on heavy-weight glossy paper with a special lay-flat spiral binding
  • Includes a vinyl sticker sheet with vehicle markings, insignia, and uniforms for 18 figures
  • Also includes canvas cover for M35A2 Truck, and fabric flag for PBR 31 MkII
  • Each model includes a parts list to help locate all of the parts needed to build your model
  • Beautiful full-color photographs throughout the book, filled with ideas for displaying your models

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