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World War II Kits


  • Kurogane Type 95 - Japanese Staff Car

    About the Kurogane Type 95 Japanese Staff Car: Developed as a reconnaissance vehicle for the Japanese Imperial Army shortly before the outbreak of World War II, the Type 95 was the world’s first massed produced 4x4 passenger car and served...

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  • Gebirgsflak 38 - 20mm Anti-Aircraft Gun

    About the Gebirgsflak 38 20mm Anti-Aircraft Gun: Entering service in 1942, the 2 cm Gebirgsflak 38 were smaller and lighter that the FlaK 38 and could be used against air and ground targets. While the carriage design did not allow for the gun to be...

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  • DH.98 Mosquito FB MK.VI - WWII Twin-Engine Fighter-Bomber

    About the DH.98 Mosquito FB Mk.VI - WWII Twin-Engine Fighter-Bomber: Designed for intruder missions at low altitudes, the DH.98 Mosquito FB MK.VI first took to the skies in 1942. Equipped with an impressive attack armament the Mosquito was nicknamed...

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  • M3 - 37mm Anti-Tank Gun

    About the M3 37mm Anti-Tank Gun: Produced in late 1938 as a combination of the T10 gun and T5 carriage, the M3 was designed to be towed by a light utility vehicle. The M3 was used widely at the beginning of WWII and was exported to China, the Soviet...

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  • USS Johnston DD-557 - 1/96 Scale US Navy Destroyer

    About the USS Johnston Fletcher-class Destroyer: One of the most prolific destroyers of all time, the USS Johnston earned her fame during the Battle off Samar. Despite being heavily outgunned, the USS Johnston and her small carrier task force,...

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  • Jagdpanther - Tank Destroyer

    About the Jagdpanther - Tank Destroyer: Seeing action in both the Western and Eastern Fronts, the Jagdpanther (“hunting panther”) was perhaps the most iconic tank destroyer of World War II. Matching its intimidating title was an equally...

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  • Kettenkrad - Kleines Kettenkraftrad HK 101 SdKfz 2

    ; About the Kettenkrad - Kleines Kettenkraftrad HK 101 - SdKfz 2: The Kettenkrad was a semi-tracked prime mover with a single-wheeled front end like that of a motorcycle. It was used extensively by the German army in World War II for a variety of...

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  • Schwimmwagen - Amphibious Utility Vehicle

    About the Schwimmwagen - Amphibious Utility Vehicle: The most widely produced amphibious military vehicle of all time, the Schwimmwagen featured a welded one-piece hull and rear propeller that allowed the vehicle to transfer from land to water with...

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  • LeFH 18/40 - 10.5cm Light Howitzer

    About the LeFH 18/40 10.5cm Light Howitzer (Ambush Camo): Born from the German Army’s need for a lighter, more transportable howitzer, the 10.5 cm LeFH 18/40 first saw action in 1942 and continued service until the end of the war in 1945...

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  • 6 Pounder 57mm Anti-Tank Gun

    About the 6 Pounder 57mm Anti-Tank Gun First used in 1942 during the Battle of Gazala, the Ordnance Quick-Firing 6-pounder, or simply 6 Pounder, fired a 57mm projectile that exited the barrel at an impressive 2,700 feet per second and, against German...

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    M4 Sherman Crab - Mine Flail Pack for M4 Sherman (BKM2184)

    This add-on pack is designed to accompany the M4 Sherman (2018) kit. About the M4 Sherman Crab - Mine Flail Commonly referred to as a mine flail, the Sherman Crab Special Purpose Mine Flail Tank Tracked Support Vehicle had the ability to...

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  • Panzer III Ausf. E - German Medium Tank

    About the Panzer III Ausf. E - German Medium Tank: The workhorse of early German conquests, the Panzer III provided the necessary speed and armament for blitzkrieg tactics. Mobilized by Erwin Rommel’s Afrikakorps, the Panzer III (and its...

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  • Tiger I Ausf E - German Heavy Tank

    About the Tiger I Ausf E - German Heavy Tank: When the Axis powers turned their forces against Russia, Panzer III’s and IV’s were met by massive numbers of the new Soviet T-34 medium tank. The Panzertruppen found themselves outgunned and...

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  • M1A1 75mm Pack Howitzer

    Designed for quick movement, this 75mm gun could be broken down into several pieces to enable ease of transport by simple wheeled carriages or pack animals when traveling over rough terrain. As period artillery was difficult and heavy to move, this...

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  • M1943 - 76mm Regimental Gun

    About the M1943 - 76mm Regimental Gun: The Soviet-built 76mm Regimental Gun M1943 was an effective light field gun used mainly against enemy tanks and light fortifications. Developed in 1943, this gun was one of the most widely produced field guns...

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  • Gaz AAA - Medium Duty Military Truck

    About the Gaz AAA - Medium Duty Military Truck: Built in the Soviet Union, the GAZ AAA was a 6x4 cargo truck based on the Ford Model AA. It was produced for the Red Army by the thousands during the Second World War, serving a similar role as the...

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  • Pak 40 - Anti-Tank Gun

    About the Pak 40 - Anti-Tank Gun: Designed shortly before the outbreak of World War II, the Pak 40 anti-tank project was shelved due to the lighting-fast success by the Wehrmacht. After Operation Barbarossa, the Pak 40 was immediately put into...

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    Bomb Loader - Pack for CCKW (BKM2191)

    This accessory was designed to accompany our GMC CCKW - 2 1/2 Ton Cargo Truck kit. About the Bomb Loader - Pack for CCKW: The M27 Bomb Service Truck was a CCKW variant outfitted to help load heavy bombs for aircraft. After being moved into place by a...

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  • ZiS-3 - 76mm Divisional Gun M1942

    About the ZiS-3 - 76mm Divisional Gun M1942: The ZiS-3 76mm Field Gun M1942 was the most common medium artillery piece used by the Soviet Union during the Great Patriotic War (World War II). From a historical standpoint, the ZiS-3 is often considered...

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  • M4 Sherman - Allied Medium Tank (2018)

    About the M4 Sherman: Perhaps the best known Allied tank during World War II, the M4 Sherman was designed to replace the M3 Lee. Named for the eccentric Union General William T. Sherman, the Sherman medium tank was mass produced to help offset...

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