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World War II Minifigs

  • WWII Panzer Crewman

    WWII Panzer Crewman Panzer crews were some of the best trained tank personnel during World War II. A crewman not only had to learn how to operate the tank, but also perform repairs and routine maintenance. Because of their training, the Germans enjoyed...

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  • WWII Panzer Commander V3

    BMF396 Panzer Commander V3 Known for their black uniforms and crack tank skills, panzer commanders were well trained in both the operation and maintenance of their respective tanks. As the Allied war machine built its strength in Europe, these...

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  • WWII German Kursk Machine Gunner

    Considered the largest tank battle in history, Kursk was a melee of massive metal monsters. Machine gunners in the battle provided infantry support, defending key positions such as bridges and town centers. This custom minifigure features: Texture...

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  • WWII German Fallschirmjäger

    Known as “Green Devils”, these elite German special forces were some of the finest soldiers deployed by Germany during the Second World War. Fallschirmjäger are famous for their capture of the heavily armed Belgian fort of Eben...

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  • WWII German Heer Soldier V2

    This common German soldier formed the backbone of the Wehrmacht, serving on several fronts during the Second World War. This enlisted soldier is commonly pictured with the iconic Stahlhelm German helmet. This Brickmania™ exclusive minifigure...

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  • WWII British Infantry V2

    From the beaches of Dunkirk to the beaches of Normandy, this British soldier is a perfect addition to your Allied forces. This Brickmania exclusive minifigure features artwork based on the British 1937 Pattern Battledress, Canvas Gaiters, Black...

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  • WWII US Army Rifleman V2

    From the beaches of Normandy to the Battle of the Bulge, the WWII US Rifleman turned the tides of war. This Brickmania™ exclusive minifigure features artwork based on the M41 Field Jacket, M37 Wool Field Shirt, M37 Wool Field Trousers, M38 Canvas...

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  • WWII German Panzer Commander V2

    Custom-printed Panzer Commander by Brickmania printed on a genuine LEGO minifigure.  Features of this product: 1 limited edition custom-printed WWII German Panzer Commander minifigure from Brickmania 1 Black LEGO cap   

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