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Science Fiction

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    Scrapyard Stuart

    About Scrapyard Stuart: The Scrapyard Stuart is a heavily modified M5A1 Stuart, first produced during World War II. This version of the Stuart has several features that were not included with the original model. This Stuart features several upgrades,...

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    Family Truckster

    About the Family Truckster: Nothing says “America” like the family road-trip in the old station wagon. Making the long trek across the country has long been a tradition in American culture. Before the days of smartphones, tablets, and...

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    Centurion Raider

    About the Centurion Raider: Piloted by androids from a distant world, the Centurion Raider is a powerful, heavily-armed fighter craft with powerful twin thrust engines. Armed with wing-mounted fire-linked lasers and space-bolt missiles, the Centurion...

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