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Modern Military Minifigs

  • Modern German Rifleman

    Modern German Rifleman The fan’s choice for our newest minifig, the Modern German Rifleman features a 360-degree flecktarn camo design with tactical body armor, BrickArms® MCH with UV printed night vision goggle mount, and texture printed gas...

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  • Military Working Dog

    Military dogs have served alongside human beings since the beginning of modern civilization stretching back to ancient Egypt. Their trainable nature, athletic ability and loyalty are all traits that lend themselves well to the nature of warfare.

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  • Modern US Navy Deck Crew

    The deck of an aircraft carrier is an exciting place. The complexity, potential dangers and limited space require deck crews to operate with minimal errors. To keep things simple, the deck crew uniforms are color-coded to indicate responsibilities on the...

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  • US Coast Guard Petty Officer (Female)

    First created by President George Washington in 1790, the United States Coast Guard has been enforcing maritime law for the past two centuries. Often seen in conjunction with the red and white MH-60T "Jayhawk" helicopter, these service members also...

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