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Cold War Minifigs

  • Cold War British Tanker

    Cold War British Tanker During the Cold War, British tanks and tank crews helped keep the peace between East and West Berlin. Although Cold War tankers didn’t see the same major battles of the world wars, they were ready to be deployed worldwide...

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  • NAS Miramar Action Pack - For F-14 Tomcat (BKM 1033)

    This add-on pack is designed to accompany the Brickmania F-14 Tomcat - Supersonic Air Superiority Interceptor kit. About the NAS Miramar Action Pack: Enter the danger zone with this expertly detailed and faithfully produced NAS Miramar...

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  • US Navy Officer in Dress Whites

    The U.S. Navy has a long-standing tradition of crisp, clean uniforms worn by both enlisted service members and officers. This branch of the military can trace back its origins to the Continental Navy, which operated during the American Revolutionary War...

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  • Cold War US Army Rifleman

    As the Cold War drew to a close, these U.S. riflemen were a common sight around the world. The dark colors and advanced gear provided soldiers with the tools to maintain stability during the tense world events of the 1980s. The Cold War U.S. Army...

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