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BrickArms® Reloaded & Protos


Limited edition Overmolded BrickArms weapons. They are all very limited, very difficult to make, and very, very cool.

What does "Overmolded" mean?

BrickArms founder Will Chapman uses a specially developed two-step process to make premium quality minifig weapons from two different colors of plastic. These hand-made weapons are the pinnacle of the custom plastic injection artform and are made in very limited quantities. All come packed in a special BrickArms “Reloaded” blister pack.

What is a "Proto?"

BrickArms "Protos" are all hand-made in the BrickArms workshop using a single-shot injection molding machine, using molds designed and created by BrickArms founder Will Chapman. These are unique items and are different from the regular production BrickArms that are factory made.