Brick Mini

Brick Mini™ is a small product design company dedicated to bringing innovative and inspiring brick-friendly products to the world. We specialize in designing and producing highly-detailed, plastic-injection cast pieces at a very small scale.

  • Chess Color Set

    Chess Color Set: Brick Mini Chess pieces are sold as "Color Sets". Each Color Set represents half of the pieces needed for a full game of chess (16 pieces plus one additional King and Queen - 18 pieces total). If you want to make a full game of chess,...

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  • 1x1 Base Frame

    1x1 Base Frame: Brick Mini 1x1 Base Frame elements combine with Brick Mini Nano Figures figures to allow them to seamlessly blend into their environment. Place a 1x1 Base Frame element around the base of a Nano Figure and they can look like they are...

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  • Nano Soldier Figures

    Nano Soldier Figures: For MOCs, Micro Brick Battle, and more! Brick Mini Nano Soldiers bring life to your micro builds! Each figure is roughly 1:144 scale and stands a little over 4 plates tall (5 if you include their base). Use a Brick Mini 1x1 base...

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