WWII German Fallschirmjäger

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Known as “Green Devils”, these elite German special forces were some of the finest soldiers deployed by Germany during the Second World War. Fallschirmjäger are famous for their capture of the heavily armed Belgian fort of Eben Emael in 1940, overwhelming the fort’s defenders with just 78 paratroopers. After the high causalities sustained during the airborne invasion of Crete, the Fallschirmjäger were primarily used as elite infantry units.

The WWII German Fallschirmjäger has artwork based on Jump Boots First Model, Splinter Pattern “Bonesack” Jump Smock, M38 Fallshirmjager Trousers, M40 Fliegerbluse, Enlisted Man’s Brown Leather Belt, Steel Luftwaffe Belt Buckle, and Luftwaffe Blue-Gray Bandolier.

He also includes a custom printed face, display stand, and Fallschirmhelm helmet. The helmet has texture printed rivets. The BrickArms FG42 is included in this product.


This WWII German Fallschirmjäger features exclusive custom-printed artwork designed by Lando.

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