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WWII German Gebirgsjäger

  • WWII German Gebirgsjäger

    About the WWII German Gebirgsjäger - October Minifig of the Month: Used throughout the duration of World War II, the German Gebirgsjäger divisions were mainly concentrated on the mountains, especially near the eastern front. The German...

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  • CH-53E Super Stallion™ - Heavy-Lift Helicopter

    Batch 2 will ship on Monday November 4th! About the CH-53E Super Stallion™ Heavy-Lift Helicopter: An incredibly utilized workhorse of a helicopter, the CH-53E is capable of carrying a 26,000-pound light armored vehicle, and 16 tons of cargo or...

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  • Kübelwagen

    About the Kubelwagen: Officially designated a car and not a truck, the Kubelwagen (“tub car”) was designed using the chassis and rear engine design of a Volkswagen Beetle, with upgraded independent suspension and a reinforced steel chassis...

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  • WWII Marine Raider V2

    About the WWII Marine Raider V2: The Pacific Theater saw some of the most intense fighting and bloodiest battles of World War II. The United States Marine Corps was at the heart of the conflict and were instrumental in the United States’ victory...

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  • ISU-122 - Heavy Self-Propelled Gun

    About the ISU-122 - Heavy Self-Propelled Gun: Known as the younger brother of the ISU-152, the ISU-122 utilized the Soviet Union’s surplus of 122 mm guns and ISU hulls to create an effective and accurate heavy tank destroyer with over twice the...

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  • Kettenkrad - Kleines Kettenkraftrad HK 101 SdKfz 2

    ; About the Kettenkrad - Kleines Kettenkraftrad HK 101 - SdKfz 2: The Kettenkrad was a semi-tracked prime mover with a single-wheeled front end like that of a motorcycle. It was used extensively by the German army in World War II for a variety of...

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  • Schwimmwagen - Amphibious Utility Vehicle

    About the Schwimmwagen - Amphibious Utility Vehicle: The most widely produced amphibious military vehicle of all time, the Schwimmwagen featured a welded one-piece hull and rear propeller that allowed the vehicle to transfer from land to water with...

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  • 8.8cm Flak 36 - Anti-Aircraft Anti-Tank Gun

    About the 8.8 cm FlaK 36: First created in 1934, the FlaK 18 or German 88 was developed in secret to avoid the restrictions of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919. The improved FlaK 36 followed soon after and became a favorite among German Army personnel...

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  • Opel Blitz - Lightweight Truck

    About the Opel Blitz - Lightweight Truck The Opel Blitz was the name given to various German trucks built by the German Opel automobile manufacturer beginning in the 1930s. During World War II, this vehicle was deployed as the main transport...

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  • WW2 Russian Army Legs (Dark Tan)

    Use these custom-printed minifigure legs with your own torsos to create just the right soldiers for your collection, or add some of our torsos or sticker packs for a more realistic look.

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  • Panther - Panzerkampfwagen V Ausf D

    About the Panther - Panzerkampfwagen V Ausf D: After the beginning of Operation Barbarossa in 1941, as German Panzers streamed across the Soviet Union, they were slowed by the appearance of a Soviet tank, the new T-34. The Germans found the Panzer...

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  • M4 Sherman - Allied Medium Tank (2018)

    About the M4 Sherman: Perhaps the best known Allied tank during World War II, the M4 Sherman was designed to replace the M3 Lee. Named for the eccentric Union General William T. Sherman, the Sherman medium tank was mass produced to help offset...

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  • WWI French Infantry

    Known for their service on the Western Front, the common French infantry soldier served valiantly through the duration of the Great War. Although exposed to the brutal nature of trench warfare, these soldiers successfully held back the German war machine...

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  • WWII French Rifleman

    Although defeated in their homeland by Germany, the WWII French Soldier would continue to fight Axis forces across the world. Many would join the Free French Resistance and continue to take the fight to the Nazi invaders for the remainder of the war...

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  • WWI French Rifleman

    Known for their service on the Western Front, the WWI French Rifleman would serve valiantly through the duration of the brutal war. They would prove their bravery at places like the Somme and Verdun, taking terrible causalities but holding the line...

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