USS Makin Island Build - Plank Owner - Level 0-3 (Lieutenant)

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NOTE: Plank Owner Sponsorships for the USS Makin Island MEGA build are no longer available. Stay tuned for another chance to help Brickmania with our next epic creation!

Plank Owner sponsorship at the 0-3 Level has the following benefits:

  • A 1 x 6 tile will be added to the hull of the USS Makin Island model with 1-2 lines of your text (max 30 characters per line)
  • A special printed minifigure be mailed to you recognizing you as a Plank Owner and sponsor of the USS Makin Island build (figures will start shipping in May 2020)
  • You will receive 10% off any purchase at the Brickmania booth or retail store where the USS Makin Island model is displayed (must bring your figure as proof of Plank Owner status)
  • 10% discount Brickmania's brick and mortar retail stores through 2021 (must bring your figure as proof of Plank Owner status)

Please note that this discount is non-transferrable and non-sharable between customers - no exceptions!

Note: We reserve the right to refuse to print messages we deem inappropriate for all audiences for display on the ship's hull. Please exercise good judgement.