SU-76 Self Propelled Gun

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When Germany invaded the Soviet Union in 1941, much of existing light tank force was overwhelmed in the opening months of conflict and its surviving armor was found to be woefully under-armed against Panzer III and IV adversaries. As expedient measure to mount a more powerful weapon on an easy-to-product light armored hull, the effective Zis 3 76mm anti-tank gun was mated to an enlarged version of the T-70 light tank hull. Cheaper to produce than the similarly armed (but better armored) T-34 medium tank, the Su-76 and it's low profile, was perfectly suited as an anti-tank weapon. The gun's high elevation arc also made the SU-76 well suited for indirect artillery support with an impressive range of 17 kilometers. However, the SU-76's powerful gun, compact size, low ground pressure and small noise signature made it a truly valuable direct infantry support weapon. It was renowned for it's ability to traverse terrain impassable by heavier armored vehicles and was oftem used in supoort of lighting infantry assaults. After early problems were resolved in the automotive system, the SU-76 was loved by its crews for its simple layout and reliable performance, while also being hated for its spartan crew comforts and limited armor protection. The SU-76 was produced from 1942 through the end of World War II and was second only to the venerable T-34 inproduction totals T-34 with more 14,000

Additional information about this Brickmania custom Lego® kit:

Brickmania's SU-76 model is based on the improved middle production series SU-76M version with an open fighting compartment at the aft of the vehicles. It also includes such details as functioning tracks, two opening hatches and poseable main gun. The model is made up of 464 new-condition Lego and BrickArms elements and includes one minifig. There is room inside front hull for a driver minfig, but there are not interior details included. This kit comes disassembled and includes completed printed building instructions, a signed certificate of authenticity, and is packaged in a sealed box.