Sopwith Camel – Digital Building Instructions

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Daniel Siskind

This is NOT a physical product! This is a digital download and does not come with any physical elements.

Build the Sopwith Camel using your own parts plus original Brickmania instructions!

The Sopwith Camel was a British WWI single-seat biplane fighter aircraft originally introduced on the Western Front in 1917. It used a rotary engine and included twin synchronized machine guns. It was incredibly difficult to handle and took a skilled pilot to operate the craft. Camel pilots were credited with shooting down an estimated 1,294 enemy aircraft; more than any other allied fighter of the conflict. It served as a ground-attack aircraft, especially towards the end of the war, when it became outclassed in air-to-air roles.

An important role of the Sopwith Camel was night fighting and home defense. The RNAS flew Camels from Eastchurch and Manston airfields against daylight raids by German bombers. A number of Camels were more extensively modified with the Vickers machine guns being replaced by overwing Lewis guns, and the cockpit being moved rearwards so the pilot could reload the guns. This modification became known as the “Sopwith Comic”, and allowed the guns to be fired without affecting the pilot’s night vision.

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Brickmania Digital Building Instructions are the original kit assembly instructions modernized for the digital age. Now you can download official Brickmania model instructions right to your computer or tablet and pick up everything you need to make it a complete build. Each download bundle includes instructions, sticker artwork, XML file(s) and a parts list.