Perfect Caliber™ BrickArms® M1A1 V.2 SMG

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About the Perfect Caliber™ BrickArms® M1A1 V.2 SMG:

The original design was created in 1918 and was an icon of America’s Prohibition age. The M1A1 variant of this submachine gun design was created in 1942 as an inexpensive option for mass production by the US Army. Used throughout World War II, the M1A1’s impressive cycle rate and abilities in close-quarters combat made it incredibly popular with infantry, most notably officers, paratroopers, squad leaders, and Marines.

The Brickmania® Perfect Caliber™ project takes BrickArms® accessories and enhances them by printing fine details on the weapons, adding realism and excitement to your creations. You’ll find everything from famous historical guns to advanced modern rifles and more.