M35 + M102 Howitzer Battle Pack

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Daniel Siskind
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The M102 105mm howitzer was developed in the 1960's as a replacement for the World War II vintage M2A1/M101 as the US Army's main fire support artillery piece. The M102 was first used by combat troops during the Vietnam War. It's lightweight aluminum chassis and its rapid rotation swivel base proved it a worthy upgrade to its venerable forbearer. The light weight of the new weapon meant it could be more easily handled by troops, but more importantly it could be airlifted to remote fire support bases by helicopter or parachute dropped with airborne units. 

In practice, the M102 was most often towed into fire position behind an M35 6x6 "Deuce and a Half" truck, commonly mated with a M332 ammunition trailer. The M35 and M102 Battle Pack was intended to represent a typical 105mm howitzer battery during the Vietnam War. It would also be considered prototypical of any theater of operations during from the early 1970's through the Gulf War.

Additional information about this Brickmania custom Lego® kit:

The M35 and M102 Howitzer Battle Pack includes the following features:

  • M35 "Deuce and a Half" truck with opening doors / tailgate and canvas cover by MMCB Capes
  • M102 Howitzer with elevating barrel, rotating base and retractable wheels
  • M332 Ammunition Trailer with opening tail gate
  • Two Vietnam War era soldiers with cloth M67 Flak Jackets by MMCB capes and BrickArms M16s