M10 Wolverine – Digital Building Instructions

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Daniel Siskind

This is NOT a physical product! This is a digital download and does not come with any physical elements.

Build the M10 Wolverine using your own parts plus original Brickmania instructions!

The M10 Wolverine was the main US Tank Destroyer in World War II and participated in the North Africa campaign, the invasion of Italy, the liberation of France and the Low Counties, as well as the final push into Nazi Germany. Powered by twin diesels, it was based on the same chassis used by the M4A2 Sherman, but traded in armor protection for speed and better armament. Designed to hunt tanks, it packed a powerful 3" naval gun that was effective against German armor until the end of the war. Distinguishing features are it's sloped hull armor,  pentagonal open top turret, and steel-shod tracks.

Additional items to complete your build!

  • 114x Brickmania® Track Links™ V3 - Chevron Double Wide - Steel
  • 1x BAM2HB - BrickArms® M2HB NO TRIPOD - Black

Brickmania Digital Building Instructions are the original kit assembly instructions modernized for the digital age. Now you can download official Brickmania model instructions right to your computer or tablet and pick up everything you need to make it a complete build. Each download bundle includes instructions, sticker artwork, XML file(s) and a parts list.