M1 57mm AT Gun

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The M1 57mm Anti-Tank Gun was adapted by the US Army during World War II, after it became clear that the 37mm Anti-Tank was no longer effective against the increasingly well-armored German tanks. The design of this weapon is directly copied from the British 6-pounder light field gun, which was being produced in the USA for the Lend-Lease program. The gun was reclassified the M1 57 mm Anti-Tank gun and fitted with a longer barrel to acheive a higher muzzle velocity, essential for effective armor penetration. The M1 was issued to US Army anti-tank regiments and airborne units in Europe as well as the Pacific. While it still could not penetrate the frontal armor of Germany's Tiger and Panther tanks, it's small size made it easy to conceal and an effective ambush and flanking weapon. The M1 57mm Anti-Tank Gun was used by US forces into the Korean War. 

  • Towable by any vehicle with a hook type hitch

  • Split tails that can be spread for emplacement of the gun

  • Armored shield for the gun crew that folds up for transport

  • 1/35 scale matches other Brickmania models

  • The over-all color scheme of this model is dark gray

  • Advanced skill level (6-8 years of experience recommended)

  • Includes 69 LEGO® and BrickArms® elements.


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