Brickstuff™ Brick-Built Flux Capacitor with Animated LED Lights

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Now you can have your own working flux capacitor with animated LED lights, built using genuine LEGO® bricks! Everything you need is included with this easy-to-build kit.

Build Your Own LEGO® Back to the Future Flux Capacitor with LED Lights

We've always thought the flux capacitor from the famous DeLorean in Back to the Future was one of the coolest devices ever created.  Now you can build your own working flux capacitor with this kit, and while you might not actually be able to time-travel, we guarantee you will enjoy watching the LED lights pulse and flash.

This kit includes 18 genuine LEGO® bricks in new condition, pre-assembled flexible circuit board with LED lights, battery pack with on/off switch, and full, illustrated assembly instructions.  Just add three AA batteries and you'll be up and running in no time!


This is not a LEGO® product.  This kit includes genuine LEGO® parts and custom components.