Brickmania Magazine Issue #21 Spring 2018

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A guide for all things Brickmania – We are proud to present Brickmania Magazine Issue #21, Spring 2018!

Our premiere issue features:

  • An interview with Brickmania's newest Designer John Canepa
  • Brickmania 2017 Year in Review
  • EXCLUSIVE building instructions for the War Car and WC-57 Command Car
  • Lando answers fan's question and give questionable advice
  • Articles written by John Fitzer including historical and original topics: A War of Trenches, Humanity and the Dark Future, Stalingrad, and Project Mercury
  • A LEGO-themed comic strip by Amanda Feuk: WWI Sappers
  • Original artwork by Alison Howard
  • Brickmania products
  • And much more!