BRDM-2 – Digital Building Instructions

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Daniel Siskind

This is NOT a physical product! This is a digital download and does not come with any physical elements.

Build the BRDM-2 using your own parts plus original Brickmania instructions!

First developed in the Soviet Union in 1962, the BRDM-2 has served in at least 38 countries. Improvements made from the BRDM-1 featured better amphibious capabilities, on-road/off-road performance and armament, and NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) protection. The off-road design of the BRDM-2 is further enhanced by a set of road wheels along the hull sides that can be deployed at will.

Deployed during both the Grenada conflict (1983) and the First Gulf War (1991), the United States captured several of these aging scout cars during both conflicts. Although few remain, several are still available for viewing at military museums across the country.

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Brickmania Digital Building Instructions are the original kit assembly instructions modernized for the digital age. Now you can download official Brickmania model instructions right to your computer or tablet and pick up everything you need to make it a complete build. Each download bundle includes instructions, sticker artwork, XML file(s) and a parts list.