Barbarossa 41 Battle Pack: Limited to 50!

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On June 22, 1941, Adolph Hitler's top secret invasion of the Soviet Union was launched. The invasion, codenamed Operation Barbarossa, was the largest military operation ever attempted. A combined force of over 3.9 million men from Germany and other Axis countries achieved total surprise and quickly overwhelmed the frontier defenses of the Soviet Union. Spearheaded by lightining fast advances of the elite Panzer forces, the invaders conquored Soviet territory at an astonishing rate, and would find themselves at the very gates of Leningrad and Moscow by early December. The onset of the harsh Russian winter and Soviet reinforcements from the east combined to halt operation Barbarossa in its tracks and eventually result in the total defeat of the Axis nations over the next four long and bloody years.

Brickmania has adopted the name "Barbarossa '41" to identify a who new series World War II themed kits based on the early years of World War II in Europe, particularly on the Eastern Front. To launch the series we are combining the first two tank kits into a special Battle Pack. The kits are the German Panzer II and the Soviet T-26, both prominently participating in the opening months of the conflict. The pack also includes an exclusive Soviet 53-K 45 mm Anti Tank Gun, whose crews played a heroic role in slowing down the Axis panzer advance. And finally there are three bonus minifigs, including commanders for the tanks and a Soviet soldier:

Additional information about this Brickmania custom Lego® kit:

Both tank model features fully functioning articulated tracks, a fully rotating turret with opening commander's hatch and main guns which can be elevated and depressed. The 53-K 45mm Anti-Tank Gun can be posed in either the firing or traveling mode the gun can be posed a different elevations. The models themselves are made of new-condition LEGO bricks and compatable weapons from BrickArms. This kit comes disassembled and includes completed printed building instructions, a signed certificate of authenticity, and is packaged in a sealed box.

Battle Pack Edition:

Both of the tanks will eventually be sold as individual kits, but buying them in the battle pack will get you the following bonus items:

  • Soviet 53-K 45mm Anti-Tank Gun model
  • Three minifigs: two tank commanders and a Soviet soldier.