Albert Einstein "The Physicist"

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Often referred to as the most important physicist of the 20th century, Albert Einstein is best known for E=mc2, the equation from his theory of matter-energy equivalence. This, a theory regarding the photoelectric effect, and his theory of special relativity were all written in 1905 during what is referred to as the “miracle year,” a massive leap forward for the study of modern physics.

Albert Einstein "The Physicist"

For all of Einstein's celebrated genius, his personal life proved he was very much a human bound to Earth. Einstein’s expressive face with his distinctive hairstyle are a favorite model for depictions of scatterbrained professors, his famous picture a symbol recognized all over the world.

This model features a new original Brickmania® 3d printed hairstyle and dual sided head print with multiple expressions. 


Albert Einstein "The Physicist" designed by Amanda Feuk using 100% original artwork and custom printed at the Brickmania® HQ.

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