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Weekly Restocks

Weekly Restocks


MH-60L Black Hawk® - Special Operations Utility Helicopter


Schwimmwagen - Amphibious Utility Vehicle

P-40N Warhawk - WWII Fighter

8.8cm Flak 36 - Anti-Aircraft Anti-Tank Gun  

  • UTV - Ultra-Light Tactical Vehicle

    About the UTV Ultra-Light Tactical Vehicle: UTVs are utilized by the military in many different forms from extended cabs that can seat 4 and carry additional supplies to ultra-light models. This tactical vehicle can seat two and carry additional...

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  • F-16® Fighting Falcon® - Supersonic Multirole Fighter

    About the F-16 Fighting Falcon - Supersonic Multirole Fighter: The winner of a NATO fighter design competition in the early 1970s, the F-16 Fighting Falcon was the most impressive dogfighter of its time. Flown by air forces around the world, the F-16...

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  • P-40N Warhawk - WWII Fighter

    About the P-40N Warhawk - WWII Fighter: An iconic plane of the Second World War, few fighters in history have seen action in as many theaters as the P-40. Developed from the P-36, the P-40 was America’s primary fighter entering World War II...

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  • M48A3 Patton - Main Battle Tank

    About the M48A3 Patton - Main Battle Tank: Converted from earlier variations of the M48 in early 1963, the M48A3 Patton was deployed mainly to Vietnam. The A3 variant fixed the flammability issues of earlier versions by using a supercharged diesel...

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  • MiG-21PF "Fishbed-D" - Supersonic Jet Fighter

    About the MiG-21PF “Fishbed-D” - Supersonic Jet Fighter: The MiG-21 Soviet jet fighter performed in such an effective and deadly manner during the early part of the Vietnam War that the U.S. Navy was compelled to establish the Navy Fighters...

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