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BrickArms® Weapons

BrickArms Bulk Discount

Weapons designed for use with Lego Minifigures.  

  • BrickArms Experimental Recoilless Model V (XVR)

    The SMG of tomorrow: the BrickArms Experimental Recoilless SMG Model V (XVR)! Featuring innovative design features to reduce recoil, the BrickArms XVR includes an extended barrel and holographic sight for added accuracy.

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  • BrickArms M2 Tripod

    Perfect for mounting lighter machine guns, the BrickArms M2 Tripod sits weapons higher for easier use. Combine the BrickArms M2 Tripod with the Combat LMG, M60, or M1919 Machine Gun, and your figs are ready to cut down wave after wave of...

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  • BrickArms® Mk2 Frag Grenade

    A classic of warfare, a fragmentation grenade strikes at the enemy with a powerful explosion and razor-sharp shrapnel. Terrifyingly effective as an anti-personnel weapon, BrickArms® now lets you add this iconic weapon to your figs' arsenal with...

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