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  • First Avenue

    About the First Avenue kit: What happens when the iconic Minneapolis, MN rock ‘n’ roll venue First Avenue teams up with local LEGO legends Brickmania? This miniature kit brings to life...

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  • GAZ-67 - General Purpose 4x4

    About the GAZ-67 - General Purpose 4x4: With nearly 100,000 units produced from 1943 to 1953, the GAZ-67 was the Soviet Union’s version of the American-designed Willys Jeep, and was just as...

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  • M1A1 75mm Pack Howitzer

    Designed for quick movement, this 75mm gun could be broken down into several pieces to enable ease of transport by simple wheeled carriages or pack animals when traveling over rough terrain. As...

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  • Nebelwerfer 41 - 15cm Rocket Launcher

    About the Nebelwerfer 41 - 15cm Rocket Launcher: Equipped with six large rocket launching tubes, the impressive Nebelwerfer 41 earned the nickname the Screaming Mimi and Moaning Minnie from Allied...

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  • Opel Blitz Canvas Cover - Add-On Pack

    This add-on pack is designed to accompany our Opel Blitz - Lightweight Truck kit. About the Opel Blitz Canvas Cover - Add-On Pack: Keep those 88mm rounds and Kar 98’s dry on their...

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