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    Centurion Raider

    About the Centurion Raider: Piloted by androids from a distant world, the Centurion Raider is a powerful, heavily-armed fighter craft with powerful twin thrust engines. Armed with wing-mounted...

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  • Gebirgsflak 38 - 20mm Anti-Aircraft Gun

    About the Gebirgsflak 38 20mm Anti-Aircraft Gun: Entering service in 1942, the 2 cm Gebirgsflak 38 were smaller and lighter that the FlaK 38 and could be used against air and ground targets. While...

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  • Kurogane Type 95 - Japanese Staff Car

    About the Kurogane Type 95 Japanese Staff Car: Developed as a reconnaissance vehicle for the Japanese Imperial Army shortly before the outbreak of World War II, the Type 95 was the world’s...

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    Scrapyard Stuart

    About Scrapyard Stuart: The Scrapyard Stuart is a heavily modified M5A1 Stuart, first produced during World War II. This version of the Stuart has several features that were not included with the...

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